Tuesday, July 10, 2012

other bags

Here's the first open-wide-zippered-pouch From Noodle Head that I made.
Seriously, these are so easy to make and a nice little gift to give out, "just 'cause".

And here is the other place mat bag that I made as a teacher gift. 

This place mat was very thick. Especially at the ends where it was doubled with the seams. 
My machine was not happy. Yes, even my new, ship of a machine had to work hard. I broke at least 4 needles.

But I was very careful and deliberate when it came to the twin needle  sewing.

And the pocket for phones and what not.

 I'm this far from packing up the ends of my sewing room. I just can't do it yet. The movers are coming on Friday, so we have one extra day to pack. Although, with the appointments we need to attend to, I'm not sure the extra day will be slack at all.
It's a little overwhelming to think that every single thing here has to be put in a box or a bag. no stuffing it in the closet. Not putting it in the basement. every. single. thing.

Head down. One box at a time.


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